Askari Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Army Welfare Trust (AWT) has established a dedicated wing for the supply of weapons, ammunition, vehicles and other equipment/ stores to Pakistan Army and other services of the Armed Forces, along with trading of coal, rice and commodities. The purpose of this wing is to ensure smooth and speedy supply of defense equipment/stores to meet the demand of defense organizations and to have business activities with other departments the civil sector. Askari Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd is in an excellent position to negotiate, liaise and facilitate the purchase of defense stores and other equipment by the Armed Forces of Pakistan. In addition, it can facilitate the export of desired weapons, stores and equipment from Pakistan to other countries. The new venture is designed to ensure economical and cost effective supplies and is organized to evolve into a broad based, vibrant and dynamic establishment, with the ability to collaborate with renowned firms around the world

In addition we also deal with the following items:

  1. Bullet proof jackets, ballistic helmets.
  2. Tents of various types ranging from Margala Tents to Toilet Frame Tent.
  3. Trading of various items such as cement, steel, lubricants, coal, rice and other commodities.
  4. Russian origin helicopter and simulator.
  5. Russian origin tanks and spares.
  6. Solar Refrigerator System.
  7. Vaccines.
  8. Hospital Furniture.
  9. Advance Environmental System.
  10. C-Vehicles.

It is staffed by capable and experienced personnel comprising mainly of retired officers from relevant fields who can facilitate the OEM to promote their products, arrange tests & trials and have the ability to complete the processes swiftly. Askari Enterprises is a registered firm with DGP (Army), DP (Navy), DP (Air) and FWO.