Askari Farms and Seeds

Farms and Seeds (F&S) have the distinction of being the first economic enterprise of the Army Welfare Trust (AWT) which was started in 1972 when the management of Pakistan Army's farmlands at Probynabad, Boylganj, Sukker and Lahore was entrusted to the then newly established AWT. F&S now comprise 3x large Agriculture Farms approximately 3000 acreesa situated at Dipalpur and Khuski beside a seed industry i.e. Askari Seeds which has three factories located at Lahore, Okara and Sangi (District Sukker). The enterprise is mainly engaged in extensive conventional as well as modern agriculture to include crops ranging from wheat, cotton, maize, sugarcane, sunflower etc to vegetables and fruits of all sorts which are being grown regularly on the farm lands. Our seed industry too, is now one of the most reputed seed suppliers of the country who are helping the farmers of Punjab, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and Sind, to enhance the yield and quality of their crops.

The future vision of F&S is focussed on enhancement of profits through vaule addition of products and access to export markets