It is an honor to assume the role of Managing Director at Army Welfare Trust. Serving AWT holds a special distinction, as it stands as a beacon for the welfare and wellbeing of our troops and the families of our Shuhada. I am deeply grateful to Allah for bestowing upon me this privilege, and I seek His guidance to fulfill this responsibility.

In face of the challenges confronting Pakistan, I urge each one of us to seek out new opportunities and potential avenues for growth and development. We must remain steadfast in our commitment to maintain financial resilience and enhance profitability through robust cost optimization and improved operational efficiency. This can be achieved through a culture of hard work, austerity, and simplicity. Moreover, we must tirelessly endeavor to create an environment conducive to flourishing, fostering a healthy culture rooted in integrity, trust, credibility, and shared success.

Technology stands as a crucial enabler in our journey forward. Business process automation not only injects efficiency into our processes but also brings transparency and control to our operations and financial management. AWT has made substantial investments in developing our business systems. It is now incumbent upon us to utilize these systems fully & optimally in our daily operations and take our decisions on the data collected and collated through these systems.

Let us channel all our mental and physical energies into the pursuit of excellence. With an institutional approach, creativity and innovation, together we will collectively steer this organization towards a brighter future and realize our vision – Insha’Allah

May Allah always be our Protector and Guide. Ameen.