It is a great honor to take over as Managing Director of Army Welfare Trust. My motivation to join AWT lies in the distinction that this organization holds in providing a platform for the welfare and wellbeing of our troops and the wards of our Shuhada. Allah has bestowed upon me this privilege for which I seek His guidance and assistance so that I may fulfill my responsibility to the best of my abilities. I will do my utmost to uphold the trust and confidence reposed in me. lnshAIIah, you can expect an absolute merit-based approach and an atmosphere of complete professionalism.

To lay the groundwork for our next leap, I expect my team to make a dedicated effort in creating a conducive environment for substantial business growth, and generate a healthy culture based on integrity, trust, credibility and shared success. With collective wisdom, institutional approach and creativity, we can steer this organization towards a much brighter and promising future.

Let us devote all our mental and physical energies in the pursuit of excellence. I am confident that with the blessings of Allah and with our will and hard work, together we shall realize our vision, lnshAIIah.

May Allah be our Helper, Protector and Guide, Ameen.